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Digital Gratitude Cash Gifts

Each Transcendence Community member receives a £100 ($100( Gratitude Cash Gift upon joining our community.

This cash gift can be used within 14 days for your next purchase at,, and at the website

There is no cost to join the Transcendence Community.

Process to redeem your Gratitude Cash Gifts:

Step #0. Create your Transcendence Community Club account using the above simple form

Step #1. We'll double check your name to name sure you're a Transcendence Community member; if you are, good news, your Club account will be opened

Step #2. Once your Transcendence Community Club personal account is opened, your coupon code will automatically be activated

Step #3. Use your coupon towards your next purchase, enjoy!
Currently we're limiting the Gratitude Cash Gifts to 111 max at a time; this is based on the number of people in the Transcendence Community and how many codes are redeemed.

Once all the 111 codes are used, new codes will be generated.