Be part of a real-community of people on similar missions and visions as you to empower; coach, mentor and change millions of lives globally

Who is the Transcendence Community group for?
It's for Life Coaches, Mindset Mentors and Corporate Mindfulness Trainers who are ALL IN 120% on similar ultimate missions and visions to create world-renowned, widely know and positively disruptive businesses that empower millions of people, globally!

What is the Purpose of its Existence?
We both know the journey to empowering millions of people to Transcend themselves is not easy, but absolutely possible.

The Transcendence Community exists to serve as the control centre for fellow humans on similar missions and visions to collaborate, share ideas and help each other so we together can empower and touch more people.

How can I join this awesome Community and be part of the journey to empower millions of people to Transcend themselves?

Step #0. Complete the quick Clarity Quiz below

Each Transcendence Community members gets complementary one on one call sessions specifically designed for you, complements of the house.

10+ Specific, Empowering Benefits & Bonuses of Joining the Transcendence Community now...
So We CAN Empower, Coach & Mentor More People, Together!
What are the top 10+ Specific Benefits of Joining the Transcendence Community?

#9. Gratitude Cash Gifts

Every Transcendence Community member receives a £100 ($100) digital Gratitude Cash Gift upon joining our community.

This can be redeemed towards your next purchase and it also contains your private access code to our Transcendence Community Club -- exclusively for our community members!

#10. Transcendence Community Club

Get access to our Transcendence Community Club online portal with your own personal account and  earn rewards, bonuses as well as 

watch all the Self Transcendence Show recordings and access resources, tools and machines necessary for Niche, Market and Global Leadership

Transcendence Community Club portal demo

#5. Mentorship & Accountability

Get access to specialist mentorship and get personalised help from me - the CEO, Royal Anwar.

Accountability is the mother of great! Be held accountable for your outcomes, results and commitments to Empower humanity, together.

#6. Leverage & Machines

Leverage business machines, tools and automations so you don't have to manually operate your business by hand cranking it.

Play it smart! Build and delegate to a high performance team working in uni-sync to achieve your ultimate mission and vision.

#7. Direct Access to Royal

Royal Anwar is the CEO Owner of Royal Anwar Enterprises. He is the Lead Trainer at and hosts the Self Transcendence Show in the T: Community.

#8. Live Training Shows

Live show offering real-time support, essential resources, tools, machines and proven strategies to make the journey to empowering humanity simpler, more fun and sustainable. 

Each Transcendence Community members gets direct access and one on one complementary sessions personalised specifically for you.

#1. T: Recipes-Vaults

Get full access to our Strategic, Tactical & Execution Strategies and Recipes; execute them for yourself to win.

Transcendence Community is the only place where you get access to everything, such as our our proven and battle-tested Strategic, Tactical and Executional Recipes (we have over 24+ of them right now that have been proven over and over).

#2. Transcendence Paradigm

Evolve your paradigm and Transcend yourself; become a full-stack Coach, Mentor, Healer and Business Owner!

Learn and master the necessary business skills and mindset; especially the sales, marketing and value delivery side so you can create lasting Transformations and Transcendence in your clients' lives.

#3. Empowering Community

Get real-time help and support, be part of a community of fellow humans on similar missions and visions as you.

We know this journey to Empowering millions of people is not easy, but absolutely possible. We are here to serve you; ask for help and support as you need them. 

#4. Lifestyle & Fun

Have fun empowering; coaching, mentoring and healing people. Create and live your dream lifestyle by Design.

Have more time for yourself, your partner and family; while giving your clients exceptional Transcendence experience.

The Transcendence Community group

A Close Community of Fellow Humans on Similar Ultimate Missions and Visions to Empower; Coach, Mentor & Heal Millions of People...
So They CAN Transcend Themselves!
© a Royal Anwar Enterprise